LED Design/Installation

During the last few years, LED lighting has revolutionised the lighting industry due to its incredible energy efficiency and cost savings.
Ranger Electrical Services specialise in designing and installing LED lighting for both commercial and domestic customers.
LED lighting is greener, safer and can save you money with the added factor of looking stunning.

Domestic LED Lighting

LED lighting can be used effectively throughout your home.

It can provide focus to certain areas for example LED downlights can be fitted in the kitchen ceiling and even on the floor.

LED lights can also be installed in many rooms such as the bathroom, living room, stairs, bedroom etc.

Exterior LED lighting is also a fantastic way to illuminate and transform the look of your property. Gardens in particular benefit from this form of lighting.

If you are considering installing LED lighting in your home or business premises and would like advice please contact us for further information or to arrange a free quote.

Commerical/Industrial LED Design and Installation

LED Lighting is the quickest way to reduce your carbon footprint and save up to 85% on your energy.
We undertake the supply, design & installation of energy efficient lighting systems for large premises across the UK (this includes factories, warehouses, large sports halls, showrooms & exhibition centres).

We are the approved installer for Ansell Lighting and this case study shows the work undertaken.

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